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ООО Belkins 

Belkins is an international sales agency offering lead generation, database research, and sales development services to companies operating on B2B markets. At the heart of our work, we are a sales partner who is deeply embedded in the sales culture, connecting businesses with awesome products, with those companies who need them. Belkins Team has an experience in working with Custom Software Development, Marketing & Brand Agencies, firms in Healthcare, Local Manufactures, SaaS, Logistics & Supply companies, Blockchain, and other organizations from 50+ industries.
Our major objective is to increase the number and quality of target outbound leads from direct outbound outreach, conference(roadshow) appointments setting by building a predictable high-converted pipeline with warm leads.
In order to achieve this, Belkins ensures access to best in class, competitive, effective and cost-efficient sales tools, best practices, and methodologies, enabling our clients, small and mid-size businesses to achieve the highest sales value while optimizing internal sales & marketing processes.
We are committed to continuously build high-quality, winning sales pipelines in the shortest, sustainable lead time. We will achieve it by applying precision, innovation, and sales mindset. Engaging and empowering intelligent, bold and passionate people to do the right things the better way.


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